Welcome to the RPGuide

A step by step guide on how to make your own Roleplay site.

2. Building the Foundation of  Your Roleplay

It's not up to me to literally shape the roleplay you want. But it is hard starting off when making a roleplay. I mean, where do you even start? Well, I'm going to ask you these questions, and you can start from there: 

-What Kind of Roleplay Do You Want?:

  • A Social Site: Has it all: from roleplaying, to a live chatter box, to a picture topic, to an art topic, to a writers/story topic, to a music topic, to a video topic, to a game-forum topic. Members can do just about anything here.
  • Pure Roleplay Site: Like the name says; you're totally hardcore into it. You won't find anything else here. It's basically roleplay or die.
  • *Multi-Genre RoleplayThis means that people can go from Sci-fi, to Anime, to Medieval and everything in-between. Members can choose from a variety of roleplays to play in. It basically means that it's setup for more of One on One type of roleplaying and that most of your members don't have to get to know each other or even know what's going on with the rest of the site. They're basically just glued to their topic and their topic only.

*Note About Multi-Genres: If you choose this, then know that it's best to read all or at least skim through your member's post, even if your character isn't in that topic. As an Admin, your job is to make sure that all members are following your rules and all topics started by members are proper and suitable according to your rules.

  • One-Massive Roleplay: This means that everyone is playing under the same storyline and plot. This leaves very little room for One on One, and can only survive and progress when every character talks to other characters. Basically, you rely on members to become the townspeople/students/Army of the plot. They all must work together to create and move the story along. This may call for members to have to read other member's post to actually get the feel of what's going on.
  • Do You Want Quality: This means you make rules that you stick to. You weed out disruptive members even if it means only having two members left. You want a strong consistent storyline not ruined by immaturity. However, the reality is that most people don't like being told what to do because they may feel like they're grown, and most people don't like following rules because they feel like they're beyond them. So be prepared to have no more than four loyal (you're super lucky if you get seven) mature members. If you pick quality, then don't sell your site out by getting rid of important rules just to get more members, or ignoring naughty behavior for the sake of having more members. Be patient. Remind yourself and your members you're aiming for quality when or if they complain that they want to see more members join. Remember to stand your ground, and keep your eye on the prize. All good things come with time.
  • Do You Want Quantity: You have little to next to no rules. Anything goes. You'll have over 50 (inactive members), and 10 (active) members doing their own thing. Basically, this means you have to be cool when your members start to get out of hand or come around when they feel like it. After all, there are no rules stating they have to do otherwise. Again, all you're going for is a lot of members, not control or sanity. All you want is just a large crowded community, nothing more.

-Picking a Genre For Your Roleplay: 

Here is a list to pick from in what kind of roleplay world you want: 

  • Movie Based Roleplay
  • Comic Book Based Roleplay
  • Book Series Based Roleplay
  • TV Show Based Roleplay
  • Video Game Based Roleplay
  • Boardgame Based Roleplay
  • Science Fiction Roleplay
  • Futuristic Roleplay
  • Drama Roleplay
  • Mystery (Who-Dun-it) Roleplay
  • Horror Roleplay
  • Romance Roleplay
  • (Bad) Action Roleplay
  • Anime/Magna Roleplay
  • Historical Roleplay
  • Domestic (Live your life) Roleplay
  • Farm Roleplay
  • Career Roleplay
  • Wizard/Mage School Roleplay
  • Animal/Metamorphosis Roleplay
  • Adventure/Exploration Roleplay
  • Survival Roleplay
  • Gang/Territorial/Tribal/Political Roleplay
  • Super Hero-Villain Roleplay
  • Supernatural Roleplay
  • Religious Roleplay
  • Military Roleplay
  • Rebel/Militia Roleplay
  • Espionage Roleplay

  • Note About Mixing Genres: Please do be careful when mixing RP genres. Unless you're making a Multi-Genre roleplay site, then this is fine. However, if it's more on the line of a One-massive roleplay, then just keep in mind that some genres just have no business being together and can cause members to be torn on which direction to go in. Things like Wizard school and Domestic can be mixed. It can be setup that after members get done learning magic, they may go to the mall and grab a bite to eat and just chill with friends. This now has bits of reality (living out school life) with hints of fantasy (going to a magic school). Don't mix genres like Adventure and Domestic because members will try and do both and it's not going to happen. Since these are two opposites, members will be torn to either stay in town and build their life, or go outside and adventure. The whole point is to add two genres that aren't too far off from each other like a Futuristic Military roleplay, or a Historical Territorial roleplay. 
The point behind this is not to bite off more then you can chew, and having a clear direction in where you want the roleplay to go. 

-Manual vs. Automatic:  

 Your intentions, like mine, may be to make a really nice looking site with features no one else has. Added to that, we wanted to add these features without it turning into a second job when having to manage these features. Well, time to get smacked with the reality stick!

The truth is that if you add up things like a weather system or a character of the month feature, then it's going to be work because you have to manually change these features often. Another problem is that we think that we can add in features from our favorite games like: Final Fantasy, Dungeon & Dragons (The video game), and Pokemon. However, what we fail to realize is that these games are automatic, and they're programmed to automatically add or subtract our money/items/experience/Life points to our bank account/inventory/character.                                                                
We have to understand that if we choose to add money/items/inventory/experience/life points to our roleplay, the amount of work that it will take to manually manage these features.

Since your roleplay won't be automatic, it'll call for you to have to watch over your members to make sure they have added or subtracted accordingly with these features. But do you really have that kind of energy and time to watch over and make sure that your 10 members, you, and your staff will follow through with these features properly? If not, then I suggest keeping it simple and only adding what you can handle. For example, only add the money system and maybe a weather system, but nothing more. Or add the life and experience system but nothing more. Make it easy on you and your staff to keep track of these things.

-Adding Battles to Your Roleplay:
If you want a roleplay that's all about battling, then that's cool. However, I have seen so many sites leave it up to their members to fight fair, and geez, I can't stress enough what a huge mistake that is! The reality of it is that members aren't going to do right with that much freedom. The real truth is that nobody wants to die or lose. So, how do you keep it a fair fight without members acting up? I suggest using a dice roller. I will admit that it is hard to find a really good one. But fear not, I have found a pretty good one. One that allows you to not only roll some pretty random numbers, but also lets you choose how high you want the numbers to go, and wait, get this, it even lets you monitor the rolls to see if your members are cheating or not! I think I just died and went to roll dice heaven *sigh*. Okay, well, here's the link to this lovely site: 
-Hamete virtual dice server: https://dicelog.com/joinlogdice 

-Invisible Castle Dice Roller: http://invisiblecastle.com/

    • Note: Just make sure you add up the dice roller link to your site to make it easier for your members to get back to it. Also, be sure to add up instructions and the rules on how to sign up to the dice roller and how to battle with it and which dice you'll be using when battling.

-The Reality About Having a Live Chatter Box:
Sure just about everybody and their mama has one on their site. Heck, I even had one on mine! But I see and seen the danger of having one. My little brother and I weren't able to get much work or posting done because we became addicted to pressing the 'refresh' button on it. We wanted to know what our members were going to say next, and that took presence over roleplaying. I have also read countless of times when members are complaining in the Live CB that they're bored...

 So the reality behind it is that you're not going to get much work done with it around, nor will your members be inspired to post much if they can just hang around and chat about random rubbish. Sure it's great for quick communication, but it's so quick that it will cause laziness with your members. Why search for what they're looking for when they can just bug you to the point of pointing out the topic they're looking for? Heck, they'll get so lazy, they'll even want you to post up the topic link in the LCB instead of them actually finding it themselves! (Yes, this has happened)

Also, be aware that most LCB don't offer the feature (Unless you pay for it) of actually being able to ban a member from it if they start acting up (Such as: cussing members out, doing identity theft to other members, or posting up naughty images). Sure, you can make rules, but the reality of it is that when they break it, you can't ban them or delete their comments. And once they know this, then they can continue harassing the LCB until you may have to remove it. And trust me; I have seen some pretty nasty conversations get out of hand in a LCB with the Admins and Mods struggling to try and calm it down only to fail. Their threatening words of banning mean nothing if they can't back them up. 

Remember, you can have full control with a Topic Chatter box by deleting post or blocking guest from posting within the Topic Chatter box. Having members to log in into your site prevents identity theft, which can easily happen on a LCB. Also, since it's slower to post in a Topic Chatter Box, it gives people a chance to think before they type and gives them the chance to edit whatever garbage they may spew. So, if you want a social site, then I suggest a LCB. But if you're a hardcore roleplaya, then you might want to skip adding one. Though I'm not for adding a LCB to a RP site, nor am I for paying for features just to ban or delete comments on a LCB, I'll still provide some links for you to pick from if you still want one: 

-Cbox: http://cbox.ws/
-Chatango: http://chatango.com/
-AddonChat: http://Addonchat.com/