Welcome to the RPGuide

A step by step guide on how to make your own Roleplay site.

1. The Unspoken Reality of Making a Roleplay

  • Note: Please don't feel like you need to read this guide all in one day. What good does it do you to finish it all in an hour if you can't remember anything? Try breaking it down and maybe read one step a day. Remember: this isn't a race, so take your time.

Here is a list of things that you'll need to be aware of when making a roleplay:

-Parental Duties Required:
The first and most important thing to remember is that you're going to be taking on a parental role if you choose to run a roleplay site (I don't care if you tell yourself otherwise). Your members and the entire site will be like your child, and it will be up to you to raise them right. I found out that reading parenting books/blogs actually helped me in running the site more effectively and I would suggest reading some for yourself if you choose to run a roleplay.

-What Won't Work for a Roleplay:

Okay, straight up, don't make a roleplay site just to fill that gaping void in your life.
Or if you just want to be entertained for that moment. Because if you're looking for your members or your Mod team to carry you and the site, then be prepared to fall hard. It's not their job to carry you or your site. You made it, you manage it. You can't rush making a site and just throw up a poorly made one just for quick entertainment. Without proper rules, guidelines, story plot, direction and a proper setup of the overall site, then you can pretty much sum your site up as the Titanic (I should know this!).

Second off, please stop trying to chat with three different people, while roleplaying at five other places, while managing four social sites, while writing a story, while listening to music, while drawing, while doing your homework. That's not cool, it's just foolish!
Your life really isn't all that busy, you're just simply making it that way to feel special, just to turn around and complain to your members that you don't have the time to run your site or make a post. And if that's the case then why would you start something you know you can't finish?
The reality of it is that running an RP site takes up about 3 hours of your time to manage it. So if you don't have 3 consistent hours to take out of each day to run a site, then don't start it.

You're only going to get back what you put out. Meaning, if you're lazy or a multi-tasker that doesn't have time for the site, then trust and believe the only thing you'll get back from it is either nothing or a headache.
If you don't care, then your members won't care. It's just that simple. Members will be able to sense out and tell if you actually care about your site or not. Like children, they will test the waters to see what they can and can't get away with. And if you don't have the proper time to invest into the roleplay, they'll see this and cause a big deal of chaos, and this will leave you frustrated once you realize that things are quickly getting out of hand. However, you can't blame your members for this. After all, if you weren't around to properly and consistently put your foot down and discipline those naughty members, then you'll just have yourself to blame for allowing this chaos. The reality of it is that if you want a calm and controlled roleplay with respectful members, then you're going to have to work hard for it.

-Beyond the Surface of Roleplaying:
Shoot, I had to find out the hard way that no matter how hard you try to keep things surface and base while roleplaying, it'll always come back to how people's real life problems will affect the roleplay. Yes, folk will bring their stank drama upon the site and cause more damage than good. However, I've learned that birds of a feather flock together. Meaning, we can sometimes attract stanky people with the energy we put out unconsciously. For instance, if you have a dramatic mother, then you may attract dramatic members. Or if you have a verbally abusive father, then you may attract verbally abusive members. Maybe now you're thinking "Well, skip it! I don't want to start a roleplay if that's gonna happen!". Well, newsflash, you're still going to attract these people on-line or off. When we come across these people it's just life trying to get our attention to handle these people in a proper manner and resolve the issues we're having with them, or to see our flaws that are being reflected within these problematical people and change these flaws within ourselves. The bottom line of it is just finding a better way of dealing with these people instead of just ignoring them or running away from them. Because they will keep reoccurring in your life until they're properly dealt with. And this may mean trying to be nice to them, or standing up to them.

-When the Fun Fades:
This is what you'll be told your roleplay should be: F-u-n! So what happens when your site just isn't fun anymore? Well, I'll tell you what people do, they: Abandon ship!
The reality is that your site isn't going to be fun 24/7. And when you hit the boredom bump (Because you will hit this bump), just keep in mind that it's all in your mind. It's boring because you're viewing it as boring. No, I'm not saying to be in La-La Land and pretend that boring times are fun times. I'm suggesting for you to try and look at the situation in a new light, to try and find a way to un-boring things. Find a way to fix up what's going on or what's not going on. My point is: Try, and then try again. Don't be so quick to give up on your site when it doesn't come out the way you want it to. Again, stick with it and find ways to fix it.

-The Life of the Party:
Think of your site as a party and you're the host/hostess. As the host/hostess of the party, it's your job to provide wicked awesome events and storylines for your members. It is also your job to make sure your members feel comfortable around you, and that they trust you enough to tell you any problems that may be taking place on the site. Remember, no one will enjoy the party if the host/hostess is lazy, whinny, mean, a moody-booty or a hypocrite. A friendly, energetic, positive and warm host/hostess that sticks to their own rules by putting their foot down on naughty behavior will be favored far better. Having proper rules and sticking to them will ensure members that the party is going to be safe and fun; that they are going to be protected from any bad behavior while having a good time. And that's a really nice feeling to have! 

-When to Take a Break:
The reality to it is that your roleplay is going to be work. No matter what other people say about it and how it just needs to be 'fun'. You should enjoy putting work into your site and watching it as it grows. However, if you start to feel tired (which is expected), then by all means, take a break. Don't let the site overwhelm you to the point of breaking down just so that you can blame your members for over working yourself. Doing that only makes you look like an immature jerk. Recognize that your members are not responsible for your health or well being, that's your job. You are responsible for you. And if you're feeling tired, say so. Let your members know in advance that you need to take a small break from roleplaying. But please don't turn this into game just to get attention. Don't start dramatically whinnying about how the site is draining you. Don't make your members feel guilty about something they have no control over and don't start taking like three breaks a months because you're feeling 'tired'.
Because now you're only saying this just to get member's sympathy. Be mature about taking a break. Do it when you see posts are slowing down drastically- mainly around summer time or Holidays. You'll be respected a lot more if you honor yourself and your members.

-What Really Goes on in a Roleplay:
Okay, I'm going to list some things that no one ever mentions. Like:

  • -When you first start off, you may not get members right away. And by right away I mean some people may have to wait up until 6 months just to finally get new members! So be patient.
    • -Another thing is that you may get a flood of members at one time (Like 20!), and while this may feel really nice, you'll soon realize that you're only going to have less than 5 members that actually post and stick around. Also, you may notice a drop in getting new members and it may feel like no one is joining at all or even looking at your site. This is normal too. It may mean that your site just needs a break or it could mean that some things may need to be fixed up on your site. Pay attention to see what your site needs during this time.
  • -During the summer time, two things may happen: first, you'll get a decrease in members posting or joining because everyone is getting their par-tay on or at camp, or vacationing, or at summer school, or spending time with their family. So, it's normally best to take a break during the summer to let your members enjoy this time of the year. You may even use this time to come up with ideas for the site or to fix it up. The second thing is that you may actually get an increase of members during the summer. Do be careful of this. You see, the reality of it is that once school starts back up, they may not have time to post, because they only joined to fill the void of not having any homework to do. And now with homework back in the picture, they'll slowly have to fade away from your site.
    • -Also, Saturdays and Sundays may be slow when it comes time to posting. People are normally off on this day, and they may want to enjoy it. Or, Saturday and Sunday can be the most active time for your site since your members are off on this day.