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    The Reality of Making a Fantasy Roleplay:

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    • Goes over why this guide was created.


Why, hello there! And welcome to my RPGuide! I thought that it would be nice to share some of my roleplaying experience as a once member, Moderator and Administrator and the real reality of it. I gotta say, when I started up my first roleplay with my little brother, I went into it so ignorant. I thought we could just throw up a couple of rules, some topics for people to post in and just any ol' color scheme for the site and BAM!, we were done. 

Geez, were we dead wrong. And I'm not going to lie, it was by the grace of God that we didn't fall smack dab right on our faces when complete chaos broke out on our site. 
Oh, yea, it was pretty bad. We had some members that were pretty decent, but they were overshadowed by our naughty members who had me either on the verge of tears or wanting to just give up and quit! 

But through that chaotic time I stuck with it. And I'm glad I did, because now I realize that through my mistakes and errors that there wasn't any real help in guiding me and my little brother through our trials. Sure, there are a couple of helpful guides out there that will help you out with your roleplay. And I read them (Unfortunately, it wasn't until much later and after all the damage had been done). However, these guides never talk about the real stuff that goes on at a roleplay site; like how your site may drastically slow down during the summer, or how your Moderator team may abandon you to doing all the grueling work, or how to stand up to them to get what you want, or how to save your roleplay from sinking under due to boredom. 

I had to find out the hard way that my little brother and I weren't the only ones who went through what we went through. That it was actually normal and quite common with other roleplay sites. 
During the summer, I checked out roleplay site after roleplay site to see what was up and geez did I find out something. I seen so many Admins ticked off at their members for not posting, I seen them cussin' their members out for destroying the entire roleplay with a single post. I've come across countless of abandon sites, or sites that they just shut down due to low activity, or sites that are just barely running and is still running just because they've been open for more then three years. And the list goes on. So I thought to myself "Self, let's make a guide to try and prevent such frustration by telling people what to expect when making a RP site." 
So, here it is: a 7 step guide on how to make a successful roleplay site! Enjoy!